TOILET SEATS spare part for WC with RAISED / OBLIQUE top at 45%

Spare toilet seat covers for 45° raised/oblique toilets 🚽

Let’s talk about particular sanitaryware. They are quite common, more than anything else for some series that have been real best sellers, which we will see in this article. They are very recognisable forms of sanitary ware precisely because of the raised rear part of the toilet bowl. They are very similar to each other, but not the same, so you have to be careful when buying a toilet seat cover. Most toilet seats for these sanitary ware need a hinge with a 45° inclination, however there are exceptions, toilet bowls that even though they have the rear elevation of the toilet cover need hinges with a standard/top fixing. One of these series was produced by GSI/Facis and was called Adda, we have already talked about it in the post on the: “Old, out-of-production (Made in Italy) rectangular shaped sanitaryware and their covers.

TOILET SEATS spare part for WC with RAISED / OBLIQUE top at 45%

CONCA sanitaryware by Ideal Standard

This Ideal Standard sanitary ware is so legendary that every time we tackle a topic on sanitary ware we find ourselves talking about it. We talked about it in the post on: “Old, out-of-production (Made in Italy) rectangular shaped sanitaryware and their covers.“, we talked about it in the post where we explained the difference between European white and the famous Ideal Standard white, we talked about it in the post on sanitary ware colours and why it is difficult to find the right colour read HERE, Once again,

TOILET SEATS spare part for WC with RAISED / OBLIQUE top at 45%

when we talk about inclined planes, we start from here. Perhaps it was not the first series ever to offer this stylistic feature, long before Dolomite ceramics (1960s and 1970s) had presented and produced the Epoca series. A series of sanitary ware which had a good success, but which we cannot consider the reference point of the subject we are dealing with. Also the Epoca toilet seat cover can be found in the store at the following [ open LINK ]. The bathroom world had to wait for Conca with all its features to inspire and try to emulate or at least imitate. But let’s come to the subject of this post: the inclined plane at the back of the toilet. If you look carefully at the pictures you can see that the holes where the toilet seat will be fixed are not on flat parts of the sanitary ware, but on the curve of the riser. That’s why the hinges (the metal parts) must have an inclination that allows them to be positioned correctly, at 45°.
If you watch the videos in our channel on these WC seats [ open LINK ] you will see very well how the inclined hinge is made. Clearly all Conca toilet seats in all materials and colours: Eu white, Ideal Standard white, champagne, mink, kashmir, beaver, walnut, whisper blue, backdrop blue, blueberry, whisper green, fern green, whisper grey, pomegranate, cactus, black, manchurian yellow, dune yellow, you can find them in the store at the following link [ open LINK ]

TOILET SEATS spare part for WC with RAISED / OBLIQUE top at 45%

Series AERO Ideal Standard

It is the true heir of Conca. Always produced by Ideal Standard. In the bathroom this ceramic series was considered the Lux version of Conca. It was called Aero. Its larger dimensions and lighter corners give it a style all of its own. However, it is often mistaken for the Conca toilet. It was presented with a wrap-around thermoset toilet seat which gave the toilet a fantastic and very futuristic (for those times) design. Unfortunately this toilet seat cover, which was always in our catalogue, sold out a couple of years ago (2017) and is no longer available. Such an important toilet bowl didn’t deserve just any toilet bowl cover adapted in some way, we made a dedicated version in white polyester coated wood tailored perfectly for the toilet bowl. You can see it at the following link [ open LINK ]

TOILET SEATS spare part for WC with RAISED / OBLIQUE top at 45%

DUCCIO series Ceramiche Senesi

Among the many competitors and imitators of Conca, we have chosen: Duccio. The shape is similar and the inspiration is the same, but in this case, Senesi’s master ceramists have made a little creative effort. The whole surface is not raised, but only the points where the toilet seat is to be anchored are inclined at 45°. Once the toilet seat is mounted, the solution has a nice effect, the toilet seat seems to be suspended above the toilet seat. The Duccio toilet seat covers in all official colours can be found at the following link [ open LINK ]

Sanitary ware with incliant tops and strange wheelbase

We have already seen two of them in previous posts. In the post: ”Rectangular/square sanitaryware and replacement toilet seats” we have seen Globo’s Clio series of ceramics and highlighted its 18 cm wheelbase and in the post: “What is the wheelbase in toilet seats 🚽?” we have seen the Polo series of Catalano ceramics and its 20 cm wheelbase. If, in the meantime, you are looking for a toilet seat and do NOT recognise it from the ones we have just seen, we recommend our tutorial for finding a toilet seat, which you can see in the following video:


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