SMALL SIZE TOILET SEATS for “childhood” / “kindergarten” vases

Children’s toilet seats 🚽: Nursery, Infancy, Puppy

We are sure that most people think that the smallest WC seats on the market have a length measurement of around 39/40 cm. For toilets used by adults this is correct. But anyone who has been in a nursery school or kindergarten bathroom (nowadays, in some bathrooms in large shopping centres, there are often small children’s toilets next to the adult toilet) knows that there are small toilets that are incredibly and rightly small. We are talking about measurements of around 30 cm!

SMALL SIZE TOILET SEATS for "childhood" / "kindergarten" vases

Sanitaryware CUCCIOLO Ponte Giulio

It was not the first series of sanitaryware dedicated to the world of children, but it was certainly the first to make this type of sanitaryware recognisable to the general public. It is called Cucciolo and is produced by Pontegiulio, a leading company in the community and public bathroom sector. The colours and decorations make going to the bathroom more “informal” for the little ones. And the size of the toilet bowl and its cover is very small: we are talking about 29/30 cm. It is definitely the smallest toilet seat ever produced! You can find it in the store at the following link [ open LINK ]

SMALL SIZE TOILET SEATS for "childhood" / "kindergarten" vases

Sanitaryware INFANZIA Ceramica Globo

Here we use a photo sent to us by a customer to illustrate the size of this small vase. Incredible, isn’t it? Its name is Infanzia and it was produced by Ceramic Globo. We are looking at a toilet that mounts a baby toilet seat, with measurements of 32/33 cm in length and 28/29 cm in width. You can find it in the store at the following link [ open LINK ]

SMALL SIZE TOILET SEATS for "childhood" / "kindergarten" vases

Sanitaryware ASILO Dolomite

We close with what was perhaps among the first to be offered on the market by ceramic manufacturers. It was called Asilo in Dolomite ceramics. The measurements of its seat are 36/37 for a width of 32 cm. It is still available at the following link [ open LINK ]

Having seen the most representative series of sanitary ware in the small sanitary ware category, we leave you with the suggestion that if you don’t know the series of sanitary ware you have in your kindergarten or nursery school, ask us for the model. Just follow the guide to find it as shown in the video on recognition:


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