XL (Extra Large) toilet seat for LARGE SIZE toilets

The trend in the bathroom world over the last few years is that the size trend of most sanitary ware series is decreasing. We have already seen this in the post: “Small size 🚽 toilet seat cover for “small” sanitary ware” that the dimensions of the have dropped to 50 and in some cases even 45 cm! However, we can say that the standard size of sanitary ware is 55 cm. Some ceramics manufacturers realised that there was a demand from the market for “important”, large sanitaryware (56/57/58/59/60 cm). In fact, in certain large bathrooms, standard-sized WCs and bidets seem a little too small. It was necessary to fill the space with material to enhance the whole. That’s where designers come in and design these truly avant-garde ceramic series.

XL (Extra Large) toilet seat for LARGE SIZE toilets

Sanitary ware SCULTURE Hatria

As always, we like to select a series of sanitary ware that best represents the category we are talking about. In our opinion, Hatria‘s Sculture series is the perfect product. A sanitary ware series that is innovative in style, truly designer and formally very large. We are talking about a sanitary ware that is 60 cm in size. The two versions of the Sculture toilet seat (50/51 cm long), the one in white coated wood and the one in thermosetting with soft-close hinges (slow motion) can be found in the store at the following link [ open LINK ]

XL (Extra Large) toilet seat for LARGE SIZE toilets

AMICA Series Nero Ceramiche

If the Sculture vase represents the perfect oval, this Nero ceramics sanitaryware called Amica can be considered the perfect modern rectangular shape (we have already talked about rectangular shapes in the post [ open LINK ]).

With its slightly rounded corners to give it a soft, enveloping shape. Its 49.5/50 cm long toilet seat cover in the original thermosetting version is available in the store at the following link [ open LINK ]

DIAGONAL Series by Ideal Standard

We could have included it in the article dedicated to sanitary fixtures with strange shapes and special sizes [ open LINK ] because this sanitary fixture and its toilet seat cover are truly unique pieces both for their shape and for the characteristic single hinge designed and produced just for it. In fact, if you are looking for this replacement, just enter “diagonal hinge” and you will find it immediately. We’ve included it in this post because it’s a really big toilet seat, its cover is 50 cm long in total. The toilet seat, the hinge and also the original Diagonal bumper kit can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ open LINK ]

XL (Extra Large) toilet seat for LARGE SIZE toilets

In this post we have started to look at some large modern ceramic series and their toilet seats. If you haven’t found the one for your bathroom and in the meantime are looking for a replacement toilet seat and don’t know which one to buy, trust the experts at Sintesibagno. Watch how to send us the information we need to find your toilet seat in the video below.


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