NARROW toilet seat with MEASURES less than 35 cm in WIDTH

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Let’s start by saying what width we can consider as the standard measure for sanitary ware (toilet bowl and bidet): it has always been considered 37 cm. This measure has always been considered the point of balance between the comfort of use of the sanitary ware and the dimensional encumbrance inside the bathrooms. Proof of this is the fact that the universal toilet seat (the classic oval shape that we all know) has a width of 37 cm, in such a way that it can fit on as many models as possible. Since the 1990s we have seen, partly due to design requirements (in new flats the size of the bathroom has decreased), partly due to the evolution of aesthetic taste (people are starting to look for minimal shapes), a reduction in the width of sanitary ware. We are beginning to see widths of 36, 35 and 34 cm. In this article we will look at the sanitary ware with reduced widths that have been most successful in the sanitary ware market and their covers.

NARROW toilet seat with MEASURES less than 35 cm in WIDTH

XL (X-Elle) sanitaryware by Ideal Standard

If we want to talk about narrow sanitary ware, we cannot but start with the Ideal Standard sanitary ware series that represents the dimensional point of arrival. It is the XL. Here the designers have gone as far as reducing the width to 27 cm! Less than this width it is not possible to go for practical issues of use of the object itself! It was an aesthetically revolutionary sanitary ware, perhaps not very popular also due to cost issues, but still surprising. Its toilet cover is still available and you can find it at the following link [ open LINK ]

Ideal Standard Ellisse series sanitaryware (width 34,5/35 cm)

NARROW toilet seat with MEASURES less than 35 cm in WIDTH

In every product sector there is always a product that becomes the reference point (the one that all competitors look to for inspiration and try to emulate its success). This is the case: the Ellisse series by Ideal Standard. It arrived on the market at the turn of the 70s and 80s and remained in the catalogue until the early 2000s. It was very popular in the market where new constructions reduced the bathroom space or even in houses where a second bathroom was being created. Given its size, it could easily be placed anywhere. It was produced not only in the classic Ideal Standard white colour, but also in practically all the colours that Ideal Standard offered in its catalogue: champagne, mink, kashmir, blueberry, deep blue, whisper pink, …. in the Sintesibagno store you can still find toilet seats in the official colours at the following link [ open LINK ]

ONDINE Series by Ideal Standard

NARROW toilet seat with MEASURES less than 35 cm in WIDTH

A little step back in time from the Ellisse series, just to show you what we think was its source of inspiration. It was called the Ondine series. Although it has the same dimensional characteristics in the front, it does not close with a soft curve but a very precise angle, giving it a pointed shape. This allows us to open a small parenthesis on the choice of the toilet seat based only on the measurements.We always advise customers to avoid exhausting research on toilet seat sizes, this is an example: with the same size, as you can see, the shape changes (and the hinges, bumpers, etc. may change). So leave the work to us. Follow the procedure in our tutorial to find the right toilet seat and relax, we do the research. If you are sure you have the Ondine series in your bathroom and you are looking for its toilet seat, it is available in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ open LINK ]

Series Perla classic ceramic Dolomite

NARROW toilet seat with MEASURES less than 35 cm in WIDTH

It was always considered the only competitor of Ellisse in the 80s and 90s. It was called the Perla series ( today) searched as Perla Classic or old because Dolomite made a second version called Perla New). Width 34.4/34.5 cm like its competitor from which it differs more than anything else in the upper shelf which is thinner. Even this toilet seat, with the same dimensions, differs in shape and in some details compared to Ellisse. The original toilet seat, which is identical in shape to the Ellisse, differs in the front bumpers. If you are looking for the old original product, you can find it on the Sintesibagno website at the following link [ open LINK ]

Sweet Life Series by Dolomite

NARROW toilet seat with MEASURES less than 35 cm in WIDTH

Completely changing shape and period, we now see the Sweet Life series by Dolomite ceramics. An almost triangular shape with a width of 34/35 cm. It is a series of sanitary ware with a modern design, presented at the end of the 90s by the Venetian ceramics company which, in terms of style, with a few structural changes (for example the fixing system in the suspended series where you can see the bolts, not concealed), could easily compete with the sanitary ware series of today. The original Sweet Life thermoset toilet seat cover sold out in 2017! A white coated wood variant has been presented which you can find in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ open LINK ]

As always we leave you with a recommendation, if you have bathroom sanitary ware that is only 33/34/35 cm in width and you don’t know which series to replace the toilet seat, let us do the research, in the following tutorial you will find the video-procedure to look for the correct toilet seat!


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