COLORFUL toilet seats: CHAMPAGNE, MINK, KASHMIR, WHISKEY, DAINO … the differences!

🚽 COLOURED toilet seats – how NOT to choose wrong!

Sanitaryware colours. Because it is difficult to find the exact colour.
Until the 2000s, sanitary ware in bathrooms was often not white, as is the rule today. Colour and personalisation in the bathroom was not only realised with the floor and wall tiles but, above all, with the sanitary elements. As a “legacy” of the past, customers, and often retailers too, find it hard to remember the colour of the sanitary ware they have in their bathroom, and looking at the colour charts online or in the catalogues at retailers they often confuse the colours and make mistakes! As soon as they see a colour that is not white, but tends gradually towards beige or brown, the typical sentence is: it’s definitely CHAMPAGNE!

It could be the correct colour, but we realise by listening on the phone to customers who have placed orders without trying to understand the colour precisely, that making a mistake is unfortunately very probable! It happens because the toilet seat cover is a purchase that is not made every day, as we were saying, even the retailers of bathroom furniture are now accustomed to sell only the white colour and, most importantly, the colour in digital images is influenced by the brightness calibration of the various monitors where the image is displayed. Let’s try to understand this with a practical example. Try taking a picture of your toilet with your mobile phone, you look at it and it actually looks the same colour as the object (having the toilet and the image in front of you in the same place, it would seem that the camera on the phone has captured the real colour)… then transfer the photo so that it can be viewed on another device (PC/computer or tablet), you will realise that the same photo will take different shades of the colour observed on the smartphone screen. This is due to the fact that each screen has its own calibration that we may have adjusted according to our personal needs.

With very similar colours such as CHAMPAGNE, MINK, KASHMIR, DAINO and WHISKY, the situation can be complicated. At this moment there is no 100% certain system to identify the right colour. In order to help customers choose the right colour, we have put similar colours together in a close-up image. You will find below the images for Ideal Standard colours: CHAMPAGNE, VISONE/MINK and KASHMIR. For Pozzi Ginori colours: CHAMPAGNE, VISONE and WHISKY. For Cesame colours: CHAMPAGNE/AMBER, MINK/BAHAMA, DAINO. In addition you will find a link to the video channel where you will have the possibility to see the toilet seat move 360°, which is a further help in finding the right coloured toilet seat!

Ideal Standard coloured toilet seats: CHAMPAGNE, VISONE and KASHMIR

COLORFUL toilet seats: CHAMPAGNE, MINK, KASHMIR, WHISKEY, DAINO ... the differences!

Here to show the colour we have used the Conca shape, but clearly it is valid for all Ideal Standard series: Ellisse, Linda, Tesi, Liuto, Velara, Zanvas, Ponti Z,…. These three colours placed side by side allow you to perceive the differences between them. As you can see, CHAMPAGNE is the typical beige colour (if you want a reference to the physical world, think cream ice cream). Often mistaken for CHAMPAGNE is MINK/VISON. Many customers looking at the sanitary ware and searching for the colour describe it as a light brown with very slight nuances of even pink depending on the bathroom light. Lastly, the colour KASHMIR, here we are already in the shade of brown, although not the brightest that Ideal Standard has produced (walnut, beaver… which we will see in another post article), staying with the help of ice cream flavours I would see it as coffee. As we said a further help is definitely watching the videos of these colored products, the rotation of the product and the play of light and shadow of the toilet seat in motion make our eyes perceive the colours more physical and not just digital. The link to the Ideal Standard coloured toilet seats category is the following (enjoy watching!) https://vimeo.com/search?q=copriwater+conca

Pozzi Ginori (Richard Ginori) coloured toilet seats: CHAMPAGNE, VISONE, WHISKY

COLORFUL toilet seats: CHAMPAGNE, MINK, KASHMIR, WHISKEY, DAINO ... the differences!

For the Pozzi Ginori colours we have chosen the Piemonte/Piemontesina shape, the same as for Ideal Standard. The colours are also valid for other series: ultra, europa, selnova, oasi, italica, italo, square, italo duo, meta… Let’s take a look at the colours: for CHAMPAGNE and VISONE the same thing is valid as for Ideal Standard sanitaryware. A colour that only Pozzi Ginori has and that is often mistaken for the MINK/VISON is the WHISKY colour. We can say that we are still in the category of brown/beige, the shade tends to reddish. It is as if in preparing the resin of the colour the Richard Ginori masters had added a small percentage of red to the brown/beige base.It is somehow reminiscent of the very sun-beaten clay of some famous tennis courts, also very sun-beaten that we have seen so many times on television. As we were saying for the Ideal Standard colours, a further help is surely watching the videos of these coloured products, the rotation of the product and the play of light and shadow of the toilet seat in movement make our eyes perceive more physical and not only digital colours. The link to the Pozzi Ginori Piemonte coloured toilet seats category is the following (enjoy watching!) https://vimeo.com/search?q=copriwater+piemontesina

Cesame coloured toilet seats: CHAMPAGNE/amber, Mink/Bahama, DAINO

COLORFUL toilet seats: CHAMPAGNE, MINK, KASHMIR, WHISKEY, DAINO ... the differences!

To see Cesame’s colours this time we have chosen the best-selling SINTESI series. The three colours are CHAMPAGNE, MINK/VISON (called Bahama Beige by Cesame) and their exclusive DAINO colour. This is a colour that really exists in nature and is the colour of the fur of the splendid animals that give life to the name itself. A colour as warm and embracing as they are. Before showing you the link to the videos of the coloured toilet seat covers Cesame Sintesi series I just remind you that these colours have been produced on all the series of the Sicilian ceramic house Cesame: Aretusa, Erice, Bella Epoque, etc. Here you can find the link to the videos: https://vimeo.com/search?q=copriwater+sintesi

Well, we have started to look at some of the colours available for toilet seat covers, it may be that you know the colour, but you don’t know which toilet seat model you need. Just follow the toilet seat recognition procedure as described in our tutorial here and you will receive the link to the perfect stress-free purchase!


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