What are the SMALLEST TOILET SEATS suitable for the smallest toilets!

What is the smallest best-selling toilet seat?

Today we are starting a new focus on the best-selling sanitary ware series in each category in the bathroom market. We start with the category “small and compact sanitary ware” (and of course their toilet seats). We are not in a position to say who should be on the top step of the podium, so the WCs and bidets we will shortly be looking at are all three winners and sales champions. They are: the Serie 500 (five hundred) by Pozzi-Ginori, the Zero Light series by Catalano and the You&Me series by Hatria. All of them are small sanitary ware and are only 50 cm long at most.


Series 500 (five hundred) by Pozzi Ginori

This legendary series by Pozzi Ginori, as mentioned in the post: “Sanitaryeares Pozzi Ginori: the modern ERA series and their toilet seat (1st part )”, 500 was presented in the POZZI-GINORI COLLECTION catalogue. Five hundred (500) are the millimetres of the length (protrusion from the wall) of the WC and bidet. In the picture you can see the floor-standing version, but a wall-hung version available as well. It is still much loved by architects and interior designers who know that using it will achieve a stylish result in their clients’ bathrooms. You can find its toilet seats in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]

You&Me Sanitarywares by Hatria

You&Me is such a beautiful and special series that we have already talked about it in several articles. In the post: “What is the weelbase in WC seats? (1st part)” we have seen its particular 4.5/5 cm wheelbase in the post: “WC seat size|small size for small sanitary ware” we have appreciated its small size. Finally in the post: “Sanitary ware round as a circle. Here you need tailor-made toilet seats!” we have studied its round upper circle shape combined with a square lower base. What’s left to say? Certainly that it deserves a mention in this article because it has been and still is a best-selling series. You can find its toilet seats in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


Zero Light series (Zerolight) by Catalano

To describe this Catalano sanitaryware series: ZEROLight, we refer to the company’s catalogue from 2000. “Small and functional. Zerolight is the most versatile system in the Zero programme because of its small size, but also because of its formal neutrality….It is suitable (above all) for use in small bathrooms….” The 50 cm long suspended series and the 48 cm long floor-standing series were presented! It was a success. The toilet seats are clearly available in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


We have seen three series of very small WCs and their toilet seats. You may not have found your toilet or recognised it so you can place the correct toilet seat order and not have any problems. Leave the search for what you need to us, you will avoid stress, waste of time and money. Did you know that with just two images of your toilet sent to the Sintesibagno team the problem of finding the right toilet seat is solved in a few seconds? Take a look at our video on toilet seat recognition…


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