WC seat with inclined bumper (buffer) for WC with inclined top

This type of WC and bidet was offered by almost all ceramic companies at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. They achieved great sales success, partly because of the novelty and, also and above all, partly because of the shape of the sanitary ware, where for the first time straight parallel sides were seen (thus abandoning the classic oval shape of sanitary ware at that time). Never before had the toilet seat had to be as precise in shape as in this situation. The inclined bumpers of these WC seats must be positioned with the utmost precision, so that the step is positioned exactly where it is needed and gives stability and durability to the toilet seat. Some customers know very well that if the toilet seat is not precise it will always remain unstable and will break in a short time. In the store we have selected mainly original toilet seats for these sanitary ware, if they are no longer available we have made the version like the original and in the last case the dedicated version.

WC seat with inclined bumper (buffer) for WC with inclined top

Series SINTESI Cesame

There is always a beginning. It may be the first product made with this feature or the first to be so successful that it is identified as a category example. This is the case of the toilet bowl produced by Cesame called Sintesi. With this sanitary ware, the Sicilian company achieved a market share worthy of the great producers of the time: Ideal Standard and Dolomite. This series of sanitary ware was produced not only in white but also in different colours, the main ones being: amber/champagnemink/bahama and the legendary deer (for an in-depth look at Cesame’s colours we recommend this article – open ARTICLE). You can find all the original toilet seat covers and dedicated versions in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ open LINK ]

WC seat with inclined bumper (buffer) for WC with inclined top

Series CLODIA ceramic Dolomite

The success that Cesame’s Sintesi sanitaryware was having on the bathroom furniture market prompted the big companies in the sector to produce a toilet with those characteristics. Ceramica Dolomite was the company that first launched the challenge and given the success of its Clodia sanitary ware, we can say that the game ended in a draw. On this toilet, if you accept our advice, you should mount only the old original model in wood coated with white polyester (we call it old because now a version in thermosetting is proposed, not perfect for the Clodia step) that we managed to find from an old manufacturer and always available in the store at the following link: [ open LINK ]

WC seat with inclined bumper (buffer) for WC with inclined top

Series ASTRO Eos Ceramics

It is considered the big brother of Clodia Dolomite, it is the Astro series by Eos Ceramiche. They are really two very similar sanitary ware, the difference is only in the size, specifically in the basin of Astro that is much wider and consequently you need a precise toilet seat for those steps in the edge. The product “like the original” perfect for this sanitary ware can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link: [ open LINK ]

WC seat with inclined bumper (buffer) for WC with inclined top

Series SELECTA Hatria

It was an attempt by a ceramic company to come up with a vase with a stepped groove on the top in a square/rectangular shape (other rectangular vases can be seen here [ open LINK ] and the result seems very successful to us. It was called Selecta. As customers who have this type of sanitary fixture in their bathrooms know, if you don’t fit a toilet seat with inclined bumpers that are positioned exactly in the step plane, it will never stay still and the duration will be limited. We have selected a model that has not only inclined/shapedbumpers but also stainless steel hinges. Long live the toilet seat! You can find it at the following link: [ open LINK ]

We have started to look at some of the toilets and their covers that have a stepped or sloping top and need toilet seats with moulded bumpers, we will look at others. If you have a WC in your bathroom that you think needs this type of cover, but you don’t know which one it is, ask us for help. Watch the tutorial how to recognise the toilet seat cover and follow the procedure:


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