TOILET SEATS for SINGLE-BLOCK sanitary ware (duo) with ceramic cistern: Europa, Forty3, Niagara, CT09

Let us begin by defining what this type of sanitary ware is. By monobloc WC we mean those WCs that have an extension in the rear part of the ceramic and on top of it the cistern (also made of ceramic) called a rucksack. They are also called DUO WCs because they perform two functions: flushing (WC) and loading (cistern). The first models appeared in the 1960s and were very popular. Before they were introduced on the sanitary market, either quick steps or external cisterns were used (very unattractive even then!).

TOILET SEATS for SINGLE-BLOCK sanitary ware (duo) with ceramic cistern: Europa, Forty3, Niagara, CT09

Today, these models have been superseded by other types of sanitary ware, which, also thanks to the flush cisterns, are much more aesthetically pleasing, see the flush sanitary ware in this post: ”The floor-standing sanitary ware caressed (flush with the wall). Soft, wrap-around shapes. Top-mounted toilet seats are required.(expa)”. Or even suspended sanitary ware that thanks to the structures COMBIFIX (which contain the flushing cistern) take up much less space than monoblock toilets; we have discussed these toilets in the post: ”Wall-hung sanitary ware and their covers (part 1)”. And if you just can’t fit the cistern into the wall, the various ceramic companies have come up with ceramic cisterns separate from the toilet (which we will see in the post shortly) that are very special and design-oriented, including GEBERIT, which has produced the MONOLITH line of these cisterns, and to understand what it is, we suggest this LINK. Many of these WCs are the cistern version of the normal WC, the line is the same, it happens, however, that in some cases the dimensions are different and the WC covers for one model do not fit the other. Let’s start with the series in the picture in this paragraph: PIEMONTE-PIEMONTESINA SERIES by Pozzi Ginori. The toilet seat cover for normal WC Piemontesina is only 34 cm wide, the WC cover for Piemontesina monobloc WC is a good 37 wide and slightly shorter.

EUROPA series by Pozzi Ginori

TOILET SEATS for SINGLE-BLOCK sanitary ware (duo) with ceramic cistern: Europa, Forty3, Niagara, CT09

We remain in the Pozzi Ginori catalogue. A very old series that is now out of production. It was called Europa. Classic oval in shape, the vases in this series of sanitary ware look perfectly clear that they have the same formal DNA. In terms of dimensions, however, they are very different. The toilet seat cover for the ceramic cistern version has a very small size, it certainly falls into the small shape category. We are talking about measurements between 39 and 40 cm. Whereas the toilet seat for the normal toilet has ‘normal’ measurements between 44 and 45 cm. We would like to point out another peculiarity of this Pozzi Ginori series: it is one of those ceramic series that was perhaps sold more in champagne than white. In the Sintesibagno store you will therefore find the toilet seat cover for the DUO-monobloc version both WHITE and CHAMPAGNE and the same for the standard version of the vase, WHITE and CHAMPAGNE.

TOILET SEATS for SINGLE-BLOCK sanitary ware (duo) with ceramic cistern: Europa, Forty3, Niagara, CT09

FORTY3 series by Ceramica Globo

Let us now take a look at a modern series in the Globo ceramics catalogue. It is in our opinion a series strongly inspired by an earlier design by the same company that we saw in the post: ”The OPEN SPACE Ceramica Globo project. Modern sanitary ware and their covers” which was called Space Concept. In this new ceramic series by Globo (FORTY3) we find ourselves in the situation of having two toilet seat covers which, although identical in shape, are dimensionally very different. If in fact for the floor-standing WCs (art FO001BI and FO002BI) and for the wall-hung WCs (art FOS003BI and FOS002BI) the toilet seat measures 44/45 cm, in the version for the monobloc WC (art FO003BI) the toilet seat is a good 7 cm shorter and measures 38.5 cm. All WC seats for these Globo sanitaryware can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]

TOILET SEATS for SINGLE-BLOCK sanitary ware (duo) with ceramic cistern: Europa, Forty3, Niagara, CT09

NIAGARA Flaminia one-piece ceramic cassette

Monobloc becomes the ceramic cassette. An ingenious idea to make something stylish that people were trying to hide. Among the first to propose it Ceramica FLAMINIA. This is where the flush box cannot be recessed into the wall. So here it is concealed by a ceramic parallelepiped that can be combined with all the company’s series: TERRA, LINK, SPRINT, IO floor standing… The positioning of the toilet is clearly advanced (albeit by a few cm) from the wall due to the encumbrance of the cistern, so a bidet version was also made, which does not have to contain the cistern and has a convenient niche that acts as a shelf. Clearly in this case the toilet covers are the same because the toilet is the standard version.

TOILET SEATS for SINGLE-BLOCK sanitary ware (duo) with ceramic cistern: Europa, Forty3, Niagara, CT09

Simas Ceramica CT09 monobloc UNI cassette

For Simas’ version, the same applies as for Flaminia’s Niagara. We mention it for its aesthetic and formal value. The industrial excellence of this ceramic manufacturer in working with rectangular shapes is truly impressive. We have seen in this post ”Rectangular toilet seats. Why do all toilet seat covers for this toilet look the same?” with the spectacular FROZEN series where you can get into ceramic work with the creation of rectangular shapes. Now back to our CT09 monobloc ceramic cistern and we point out the WCs and their matching toilet seats: LFT SPAZIO, VIGNONI, FLOW round, FLOW squared, BOHEMIEN, E-LINE.

We have seen what monobloc WCs are. We have seen that they often require different toilet covers than normal floor-standing or wall-hung WCs. Sometimes you know the brand and model of the toilet seat, you search online for the toilet seat without knowing that there are different sizes for the same model, you order online and once you receive the toilet seat you realise your mistake. To avoid problems when buying a toilet seat on the web, ask us for the exact toilet seat to order. Through the recognition service we have created we can take the hassle out of your choice. Just send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


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