TOILET SEATS for OLD MODELS / SQUARED pots by POZZI GINORI: Square, Italica / Italo, Italo Duo

Starting in the ’70s and continuing into the ’80s and ’90s, Pozzi Ginori monopolised the square sanitaryware market with two series (one of which had two variants that we will see shortly), called Italo/Italica and Square (which in the monobloc version with ceramic cistern was later called Italo Duo). Thanks to these sanitary wares, colour also entered the bathrooms of many people. Among these colours there were many created ad hoc by the ceramic company: ginori walnut, oriental pink, whisky, mondrian grey, navy blue… we have seen them in two posts:
Sanitary ware colours. Why is it difficult to find the right colour toilet seat? (part 1)” and “The colours of sanitary wares and toilet seats: green,pink, light blue, blue,brown.. (part 2)”.

TOILET SEATS for OLD MODELS / SQUARED pots by POZZI GINORI: Square, Italica / Italo, Italo Duo

Italica/Italo series by Pozzi Ginori

It is considered the large sanitaryware series of excellence: Italica. We have dedicated an in-depth study to it in this post: ”Large sanitary wares (old models) and their unobtainalble toilet seats.”. Its almost rectangular shape and its dimensions (54/55) require a toilet seat dedicated to the toilet to perfection in the dimensions 50×36 with centre distance 15/15,5. The toilet seat for this toilet in all original colours can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]. It was produced in all the colours of the time: champagne (a best seller), pink, blue, brown, green and grey.

TOILET SEATS for OLD MODELS / SQUARED pots by POZZI GINORI: Square, Italica / Italo, Italo Duo

SQUARE series by Pozzi Ginori

Often mistaken for Italica because of its very similar rectangular and squared shape, it is called Square and compared to the large size of Italica it is 4/5 cm shorter. It represents for PozziGinori what Conca represents for Ideal Standard. A series symbolizing the success of sales on the market in the 70s, 80s and even 90s. Thirty years of well-deserved success for the rectangular series together with Conca among the most imitated. When production and presentation to the market began, its square shape represented the symbol of modern bathrooms. Pozzi Ginori also produced this series of sanitaryware in all the colours of the time: champagne (a best seller), pinklight bluebluebrowngreen and grey.

We have created within the store a section dedicated to the Square toilet seat where you can find all the original Pozzi Ginori colours at the following link [ clik HERE ]

TOILET SEATS for OLD MODELS / SQUARED pots by POZZI GINORI: Square, Italica / Italo, Italo Duo

Italo DUO series by Pozzi Ginori

The shape of the silhouette is definitely that of Square, and in fact it often happens to be mistaken for that sanitary ware. We have already discussed this in the post: “Sanitary wares and toilet seats with non-standard center distance“ which we quote in full: “This series by Pozzi Ginori called Italo Duo is often confused with another series by the ceramic company (SQUARE) because it has the same rectangular shape, but here the discriminating factor is the centre distance: it is a good 19/20 cm. We could have included it in the article dedicated to the old rectangular sanitaryware out of production (you can read it at the following link [ clik HERE ]), but we preferred to emphasise the non-standard wheelbase feature. It was produced in various colours which you will find in the store, mainly white [ clik HERE ], champagne [ clik HERE ] and brown [ clik HERE ]

We have the three square Pozzi Ginori series, now out of production. If in the meantime you need to find the toilet seat cover for your toilet and you don’t know how to recognise it, let us do the research. Watch the toilet seat recognition procedure explained in the following video:


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