Every day we come into contact with hundreds of customers looking for the perfect toilet seat cover for the sanitary ware they have in their bathroom. Most are surprised by how many shapes and models of sanitary ware have been produced by ceramic manufacturers over the last fifty years. Many of them have tried to go to DIY centres convinced that they would easily find what they were looking for and once there the shapes all looked the same or none of them looked the right one. Some decided to buy it online and without realising that the shapes are crucial set out to find it by looking only at the measurements. Either way, it could happen that you ‘get it right’ (you can even roll a six in the super lotto), but it often happens that you get it wrong and the time and money spent fly away in a flash. We have decided to help customers who want to buy a toilet seat without any problems as much as possible by making the largest selection of toilet seat shapes on the market (all present in the toilet seat catalogue of Sintesibagno.shop). To each shape we will link the sanitary ware series that best represent it in the history of bathroom design. The suggestion remains that if you don’t know the toilet you have in your bathroom and don’t want to waste time on laborious research, you should watch this short video made by the Sintesibagno staff:


Oval toilet seat Shape

The oval shape since it is very common is used to identify toilet seats called universal. Shapes and toilet seats that somehow fit the shape of the toilet bowl, often loosely. There are, however, toilet bowls and their covers that are usually oval. Let’s look at some of them. A symbol of the 1990s produced by ceramics Globo: series LEI. A perfect oval with a width of no less than 38 cm. Other noteworthy oval-shaped sanitary ware from the ’70s period is certainly PONTI Z by Ideal Standard. In the ’60s it dominated EUROPA by Pozzi Ginori, also by the same company but from the ’80s and ’90s is the bestseller FANTASIAHatria too at the beginning of the new millennium presented ERIKA a perfect oval shape.


Rectangular/Square toilet seat cover Shape

Let’s start talking about toilet seat shapes that we have already seen in previous posts. To talk about rectangular shapes, we must start with CONCA by Ideal Standard, we saw it in the post ”The CONCA toilet seat cover. Find out which product is perfect for the Ideal Standard toilet (the ultimate)” all the features the perfect Conca toilet seat must have. We have talked about some specific features in these posts: “Ideal Standard toilet seats and sanitary fittings old models (part 1)”, “Sanitary rectangular shapes. Why do all toilet seat covers for this toilet look the same?”, “White as white can be! So why is white different in Ideal Standard sanitary ware?”, “Sanitaryware colours and toilet seat covers: green, pink, blue, brown…(part 2)”, “Sanitary ware with raised top. WC covers with 45° fixing hinges (part 1)”, “Why are sloping bumpers needed on some toilet seat covers? (part 2)”. All these peculiarities have marked the bathroom market so profoundly that it has led all Ideal Standard’s competitors to propose a series of ‘Conca’-type sanitary ware! But rectangular shapes are not the only thing in the post: “Sanitary rectangular shapes. Why do all toilet seat covers for this toilet look the same?” we saw: VELARA by Ideal Standard, EBLA by Dolomite, TERRA by Flaminia, SPACE STONE by Globo Ceramiche, FROZEN by Simas, VERSO by Catalano, OUTLINE by Althea Ceramiche and FAST by Pozzi Ginori. In the post: ”Older, discontinued models with rectangular toilet seat cover. (part 2)”, we have seen: CIOTTOLO and SPRINT by Flaminia, FIESTA by Catalano, HIDRA by Hidra Ceramica, IGEA by Ceramica Catalano and ADDA by Gsi/Facis. There are so many rectangular shapes of sanitary ware and their covers! Not sure which toilet seat to buy? Remember the convenient service we offer as Sintesibagno: send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


Round/Circle toilet seat cover Shape

ROUND, RING, a CIRCLE! We start talking about the round shape of toilet seats from: ARKE’ by Galassia, which we consider the perfect round shape. But we have seen many other round sanitary ware in previous posts. Here: “Round sanitaryware as a circle. Here you need customised toilet seats!” read at LINK we have seen : EL1 by Galassia, WIND by Vitruvit, YOU&ME by Hatria and STARCK 1 Duravit. In the post: ”Round sanitaryware as a circle+flat element(part 2)‘ we saw: FLOW Tonda by Simas, ZELIG by Dolomite and BOWL 50 by Ceramica Globo. All a perfect circle with diameters ranging from 35 cm to 42 cm.

Hexagonal/Octagonal Shape


Here we enter geometric shapes with multiple sides. The symbol of these shapes is certainly DECO’ by Cesame (here in picture). If the Cesame series conquered the market in the 80s and 90s, among the current best-selling series is definitely the 1930 by Duravit. Other ceramic series and their toilet seats with these shapes we have seen in the post: “Octagonal and hexagonal sanitaryware and toilet seat covers” where we also saw: CLASSIC by Absolute Ideal Standard and as many as two series of sanitary ware and their ceramic toilet seats from Globo: series CANOVA MONO and ROYAL. About the series OMEGA by Facis We talked about it in the post: ‘BIG sanitaryware, large WCs and bidets modern lines and their toilet covers (part 2)’.

We have started looking at the main shapes of toilet seats, in the next post we will look at the others. We hope we have helped you choose the right toilet seat. There might not be one for your toilet and so you don’t know which toilet seat cover to choose, to avoid mistakes just email us at info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover.


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