In the previous post: ”The shapes of toilet seats. Did you think a toilet seat was only oval? Have a look at the Sintesibagno catalogue (part 1)” we began by looking at some of the countless shapes that toilet seat covers can have. Of each toilet seat shape we have seen some of the sanitary ware that best represents the category: for the OVAL shape we have seen LEI by Ceramica Globo, PONTI Z by Ideal Standard, EUROPA and FANTASIA by Pozzi Ginori (Geberit) and ERIKA by Hatria. Of the RECTANGULAR shape we started from the legend CONCA by Ideal Standard we saw: VELARA by Ideal Standard, EBLA by Dolomite, TERRA by Flaminia, SPACE STONE by Globo Ceramiche, FROZEN by Simas, VERSO by Catalano, OUTLINE by Althea Ceramiche and FAST by Pozzi Ginori, CIOTTOLO and SPRINT by Flaminia, FIESTA by Catalano, HIDRA by Hidra Ceramica, IGEA by Ceramica Catalano and ADDA by Gsi/Facis. Of the ROUND/CERCULAR shape: ARKE’ by Galassia, EL1 by Galassia, WIND by Vitruvit, YOU&ME by Hatria and STARCK 1 by Duravit, FLOW Tonda by Simas, ZELIG by Dolomite and BOWL 50 by Ceramica Globo. Of HEXAGONAL/OCTAGONAL shape: DECO’ by Cesame , the series 1930 by Duravit, CLASSIC by Absolute Ideal Standard, two series of sanitary ware and their covers by Ceramica Globo: series CANOVA MONO and ROYAL and the series OMEGA by Facis. Today we will look at other shapes all clearly present in the toilet cover catalogue of Sintesibagno.shop

OVAL toilet seat cover shape Elongated

This form was introduced to the bathroom market by LINDA by Ideal Standard. The upper part is an oval elongated at the sides (two semicircles connected by two parallel straight lines). Since it is a primary shape, we talked about it in the post: ”Ideal Standard Linda Series is a primary form. A toilet seat cover formed by two parallel straight lines and two semicircles” where we have seen several sanitary fittings and their toilet seats in this shape: LINEA by Pozzi Ginori, TUSCIA by Ceramica Senesi,  M2 50 by Galassia and C 52 Light by Ceramica Catalano.

UNIQUE-PRIMAR toilet seat shapes (no geometric shapes)

Unique shapes Shape does not shape! They are shapes that do not fit into any category. Even more incredible than LINDA, which has been taken over as a shape and developed into other forms over time. Unique pieces like a work of art. We have dedicated a post to them. “The unique (special) shapes of sanitary ware and their covers: Muse, Fiorile, Memory” where we have seen many iconic sanitary MUSE by Catalano, but we also saw FIORILE by Ideal Standard and MEMORY by Hidra.

Teardrop toilet seat cover shape

This shape starts narrow at the back and widens out towards the user. All sanitaryware and toilet seat companies have tried their hand with this shape. In the post: ”Toilet seats and sanitary ware with teardrop shapes (and their measurements)” we saw: LIUTO by Ideal Standard, ARETUSINA by Cesame, CLIO by Eos Ceramiche, TANGA by Ceramica Scala, GEMMA by Ceramiche Scala,  AFFETTO and GRACE by Ceramica Globo.

Shape 8 (eight) and Violin

Toilet seat  ANTALIA Dolomite. With this form of sanitary ware and their toilet seats, ceramic companies have tried (and succeeded) in interpreting the retro/classical style in the bathroom furnishing world. ANTALIA by Dolomite is the most successful symbol of this shape. In addition to Antalia we have also seen the RETRO’ by KERASAN.

D-SHAPED toilet seat cover

This shape is relatively new in bathroom design. The toilet ends in the back with two corners from which two parallel straight lines lead to the front curve of the sanitary ware. In its simplicity it is perfect. Made famous by CLODIA by Dolomite has recently become the industry’s form of reference due to the success that flush-to-wall sanitary ware has achieved (we suggest the post: ”Floor-standing sanitary ware caressed (flush with the wall). Wrap-around and mordant shapes. Top-mounted toilet seats are required.(expa)”). Symbols of modernity for sure: Sfera (sistema C) series Ceramica Catalano, Open Space concept series Ceramica Globo,  Fast by Pozzi Ginori (Geberit) and certainly LINK by Ceramica Flaminia.

Shape Contoured toilet seat

The most feminine shape in the bathroom world. Curves, curves and more soft, sinuous curves of class and beauty. Flagship of the category is definitely ELLADE by Hidra. In the glossy black version this toilet seat cover is stunning. Other successful series with this shape: two by Eos Ceramiche BOHEME and PANTHEON, and also a series by Althea called ROYAL.

Irregular Geometric Toilet Covers

They are not oval, rectangular, round shapes but shapes created ad hoc by the designers of ceramic companies. OCEANO by Althea represents this category well, but competes for the lead role with SA02 by Galassia.

Triangular toilet seat cover shapes

We call them triangular because these WCs and their covers end in a very narrow angle. Clearly, due to the presence of the curves (which are necessary for comfortable use of the WC object) they are not true geometric triangles, just look at the photo opposite, however, to recall their shape. POLIS by Ceramica Catalano is one of the latest series introduced to the market. Instead, among the first ones introduced to the market are FENICE by Cesame and SPAZIO by Ceramiche Scala. One company that really liked this form was certainly DOLOMITE and we see him with three of his successful series: NOVELLA, DHALIA and the more recent SWEET LIFE. Also worth mentioning is a series by Simas called LFT Spazio.

We have seen many other shapes of toilet seat covers. And the more we see of them, the more we realise that an adaptable/universal toilet seat bought quickly and carelessly in some DIY or shopping centre will probably not be as accurate for your toilet seat as originally thought. Apart from the aesthetic side, which probably won’t look so good, the practical side also plays a not inconsiderable role; if the toilet seat is not accurate, its lifespan will be very short. Our advice? If you don’t know which series of toilet seat you have in your bathroom, ask us via the recognition service we created to take the hassle out of choosing. Just send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


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