The WHEELBASE of a TOILET SEATS / (WC) what it is and how it is measured!

Let’s start by clarifying what the wheelbase is in a sanitary tray and, in relation, for a toilet seat. This term means the measure that goes from the centre of one hole to the centre of the other, in practice the point where the screws for fixing the toilet seat to the toilet bowl will enter. So it is not the distance between the two holes, it is not the distance from the wall to the holes, it is not the size of the hole, etc. etc. We want to clarify it to help all the customers who do not know it and risk to make a mistake in detecting it and then to place the order of the toilet seat. Once the matter has been clarified, we can see in this article a selection of series of sanitary fixtures that have a toilet seat centre distance that does not fall within the canons of normality. Let’s start by saying that a standard centre distance for toilet seats is considered to be between 14 and 16 cm. So the typical universal toilet seat cover is designed to cover those measurements (it usually has eccentric and adjustable hinges and the size can also be 12 and 18 cm). For each category of sanitary ware: retro, old discontinued models, rectangular, small, etc… we will select a toilet and its cover that have a particular centre distance: 8 10 12 19 20 21 23 27

Cesame ARETUSA series (old models no longer in production)

The WHEELBASE of a TOILET SEATS / (WC) what it is and how it is measured!

This Cesame series was called Aretusa. In the 80s and 90s it became one of the most successful series. It was also an important series at a dimensions level. If you wanted to create a “luxury bathroom” you had to go through it. This series of sanitaryware is a case of non-standard wheelbase: it measured 19/20 cm. It was produced not only in white, but also in other colours: CHAMPAGNE, MINK/VISON (called Bahama Beige by Cesame) and their exclusive DAINO colour. All the toilet seats in these official Cesame colours can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ open LINK ]

The WHEELBASE of a TOILET SEATS / (WC) what it is and how it is measured!

EFI Series Ceramics Flaminia (retro sanitaryware)

Among the sanitary ware called classics (retro style) this series produced by Ceramica Flaminia is certainly the largest in terms of size. It is called Efi, and also the wheelbase of the toilet seat has non-standard dimensions because it measures 20 cm. You can find the toilet seat in the store at the following link [ open LINK ]

The WHEELBASE of a TOILET SEATS / (WC) what it is and how it is measured!

POLO Ceramica Catalano sanitaryware (rectangular sanitaryware)

It is still often mistaken for the Ideal Standard Conca toilet seat, but this toilet seat was instead produced by Catalano and was called Polo. Many customers go to shopping centres, maybe even show the photo to the non-expert retailer, and take home the Conca toilet seat. When they assemble it, they realise that the centre distance of this toilet seat is a good 20 cm! In order not to make a mistake when buying the toilet seat, we leave you the LINK to the store (white colour [ open LINK ]) and (champagne colour [ open LINK ])

The WHEELBASE of a TOILET SEATS / (WC) what it is and how it is measured!

Hatria YOU & ME sanitaryware (small sanitaryware)

We have already talked about these fantastic WCs in the article on small WC seats [ open LINK ] and also in the one on round WC seats[ open LINK ]. We have to talk about it also in this article about the wheelbase because this toilet bowl has the narrowest wheelbase for the toilet seat in the history of bathroom furniture, only 4.5/5 cm. You can find the toilet seat covers for this series at the following links: the white coated wood version (the one in the pictures) [ open LINK ], the thermosetting version with wrap-around lid and slow motion hinges at the following link [ open LINK ]

We have started to see some series of WC seats with non-standard sizes, we will see more in the next articles. In the meantime, if you are looking for toilet seats with particular wheelbases and you don’t know which model to buy, we suggest you watch our video to easily find the right toilet seat!


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