WC covers from the same series but with different shapes and sizes: M2, SPACE STONE, SISTEMA C

It often happens to users that they have to buy a toilet seat online. They start looking for it in search engines (such as Google) remembering the name of the sanitary ware series, they find a site specialising in toilet seats (such as Sintesibagno) and in a few clicks they order it. It all seems simple and straightforward. What happens, however, is that some series of sanitary ware – not often, to tell the truth – have been produced in several sizes and depths to meet the design requirements of architects and to be able to adapt to the dimensions of all bathrooms. So, when you receive the toilet seat at home, you realise that the shape and series are correct, but not the size. The most important suggestion is surely that, before ordering a toilet seat on-line or buying it also in a traditional physical shop, to use the service of toilet seat recognition created by Sintesibagno, well explained HERE. In any case, in this post we start by showing you some of the series of sanitary ware and their covers that have been produced in different depths.

WC covers from the same series but with different shapes and sizes: M2, SPACE STONE, SISTEMA C

M2 series by Galassia

Series M2 is one of the latest series of sanitary ware presented on the bathroom market. Same series, three different depths: 55, 50 and 45. In our opinion it is one of the most successful series from a proportional point of view. The company website (https://www.ceramicagalassia.it/catalogo/) describes it: “Minimal design, balance of shapes and wide range are the main characteristics of this collection, versatile answer to the needs of living and well adaptable to both large and very small environments“. In the Sintesibagno store a section of toilet seats has been created where you will find all three models with measurements so as not to make mistakes when buying at the following link [ clik HERE ] and [ clik HERE ]

WC covers from the same series but with different shapes and sizes: M2, SPACE STONE, SISTEMA C

SPACE STONE series by Ceramica Globo

We have already discussed this in the post: ”OPEN SPACE Project Ceramica Globo. Moderni sanitary ware and their toilet seats” and in the post on rectangular toilet seats: ”Sanitaryware rectangular shapes. Why do all toilet seats for this toilet look the same?”. Space Stone was produced both floor-standing and suspended, but above all, as we say in the post just mentioned, in two different depths 54.36 and 45.36, and this explains the success they both achieved with designers and architects who, and I quote the post: “Same shape DNA but reduced overall dimensions. A dream for architects, who while maintaining the stylistic thread can insert the same elements in much smaller spaces (see second bathrooms)” Here are the links to the Globo section in our shop where you can easily find spare parts for the Stone model! At the following link [ clik HERE ]

WC covers from the same series but with different shapes and sizes: M2, SPACE STONE, SISTEMA C

Sistema C (C System)Ceramica Catalano

We are in the early 2000s and ceramica Catalano launches this series (aptly named system) called C. It achieved market success comparable to that of ZERO which we discussed in the post: “Zero Catalano toilet seats. How many models are there in this series? Zero 45,50,54,55,62, Light, +”. From this ceramic idea Catalano developed the basis for the new SFERA series. It was presented in four variants of floor-standing WCs and one wall-hung WC (here the original codes VPC52 VPCB52 VSC54 VPC54 MPSC). On all four models the toilet seat is the same, the only difference is the C52 Light variant. All toilet seats of this system can be found in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]

If you too have one of these sanitary ware series in your home, or if it is none of the above, and therefore you don’t know which toilet seat size to order and buy, we suggest you use our handy service to find out the correct toilet seat for your sanitary ware. Simply send us an email to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your toilet seat and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to proceed in the search for a toilet seat:


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