TOILET SEATS for CESAME toilets: Aretusa, Bella Epoque, Erice

Cesame toilet seats. Aretusa, Bella Epoque, Erice

Ceramica Sanitaria Mediterraneo (Cesame) is a historical sanitaryware company founded in the ’50s by a legendary nobleman from Brianza. Until the early 2000s it was one of the big players on the market and, with an incredible series of successful products, it managed to win a significant share of the market both in Italy and worldwide (reliable sources tell us that it was distributed in 43 countries). How did the Sicilian company manage to challenge companies of the calibre of: Ideal Standard, Dolomite, Pozzi Ginori,…. has focused on product quality (the quality of its sanitary ceramics is well known), innovation (the shapes of its sanitary ware are unique and subsequently imitated) and maniacal attention to detail, including toilet seats (the original Cesame toilet seats have aesthetic and qualitative features that are unique in the bathroom furnishing world). We have already begun to see some of Cesame’s sanitaryware series and special features in other articles. We talked about the legendary Sintesi Cesame series in the post: “Toilet seats with moulded bumper for toilet bowls with inclined top”. About the Deco series and its geometric shape in the post: “Wc&Toilet seats with octogonal/hexagonal shapes”. We talked about the DAINO (dain) colour (exclusive to Cesame) in the post: ”COLOURED toilet seats – How NOT to make the wrong choice!”. Today we are going to look at other series of Cesame sanitaryware and their toilet seats, each of them with unique features.

TOILET SEATS for CESAME toilets: Aretusa, Bella Epoque, Erice

ARETUSA Cesame sanitaryware

If we have to choose a series that represents the company, it is certainly her: Aretusa. It represents Cesame style at its best. An important sanitary ware in its measurements and also in its large and soft curves. It was chosen by customers who wanted to give a luxurious touch to their bathrooms. Its original toilet seat is fantastic as well, and in order to lighten the sumptuous shape of the toilet bowl, it was designed and made with a lid that disappeared into the bowl and a convenient notch to open it. You can see it here [ clik HERE ]. You will find instead at this link [ clik HERE ] also the original coloured models (amber/champagnemink/bahama beigedaingrey and pink) and the dedicated variants. A note to close the topic on the Cesame Aretusa toilet seat, as we saw in the post: ”What is the weelbase in toilet seat?“, we have seen that there are toilet seats that do not have the classic 15/16 cm centre distance. This is the case with Aretusa, which has a centre distance of 19/20 cm.

TOILET SEATS for CESAME toilets: Aretusa, Bella Epoque, Erice

Bella Epoque series by Cesame (toilet seats retrò/classic)

We did not include this marvellous series, both in its name (Bella Epoque) and in its shape, in the post “Replacements and replacement of WC seats in CLASSIC/RETRO style” only because the upper shape of the WC is a simple oval. Cesame‘s skill was to give the sanitary ware a retro style by working on the foot of the sanitary ware itself and on the side strips. The peculiarity of the shape can also be found in the carving of the original Bella Epoque toilet seat that you can see at the following link [ clik HERE ]. There are several versions of this toilet seat available in the store, including a dedicated version with slow-moving hinges [ clik HERE ].

TOILET SEATS for CESAME toilets: Aretusa, Bella Epoque, Erice

ERICE series by Cesame (rectangular toilet seat covers / strange spacing)

This is the most rectangular series produced by CesameErice. We talked about sanitary ware of this shape in the post: “Rectangular/square sanitaryware and replacement of toilet seats”. Here, too, Sicilian master ceramists have created a unique shape! At the sides, the toilet seat widens at a slight angle and then closes again at a slight angle, giving it a very special geometric effect. All Erice toilet seat covers are always available at the following links: whitechampagnedainmink cesame (brown) e siam blue.


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