The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

All the secrets of Ideal Standard Conca toilet seats

In this post we are only going to talk about the Conca toilet and its toilet seat cover because both have so many unique features that they justify why. We have seen in several previous posts some of these special features: “Ideal Standard toilet seats and sanitarywares old models (1st part)”, “Sanitaryware rectangular shapes. Why do the toilet seat covers for these toilets all look the same?“, “White as white can be! So why is white different in Ideal Standard sanitaryware?”, “The colours of sanitaryware and toilet seats: green, pink, blue, light blue, brown..(2nd part)”, “Sanitaryware with a raised top. WC seats with 45° fixing hinges (1st part)”, “Why are sloping bumpers needed on some WC seats? (2nd part)”. Now we will see them all again by looking at the Conca toilet and toilet seat.

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

The CONCA series is the symbol of the old Ideal Standard models

Talking about Ideal Standard sanitary ware (old models) that allowed the ceramic company to become a market leader in the 70s, 80s and 90s, it is impossible not to start with Conca. All these series of sanitary ware (starting from Conca) have deeply influenced the lines of the bathroom furniture market, so as to be often copied or at least taken as a model for their revolutionary shapes. They are considered old models because production began several years ago. However, looking at them now, they have very little vintage about them, but they are still very up-to-date. And in the specific case of Conca it has come down to the present day! (nowadays the only thing that has changed compared to the first productions is the toilet seat that has been introduced in wrapping thermosetting plastic material, with the intention of modernising the profile of the toilet bowl which you can find at the link [ clik HERE ].The main sales peak was in the 80’s and 90’s, when Ideal Standard designers launched a series of colours that we often find when entering the houses of friends and relatives built in those years and that we will see later.

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

The Conca toilet seat cover does not have a rectangular shape, is THE rectangular shape

In the history of bathroom design, rectangular/square shaped sanitary ware is a fairly recent appearance. Conca is the best representative of this category. The great sales success of the Conca series often leads both private and professional customers to confuse this model with toilets in bathrooms and to buy the wrong toilet seat. The sentence: “I was told it was definitely Conca” is often heard after a hurried purchase, based mainly on the similarity of the shape (rectangular) or the colours (you can see the official Conca colours in our video channel [ clik HERE ]), and in any case we will also try to show you how to choose the right one.

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

The back plate in the CONCA toilet makes it recognisable. The toilet seat with 45° hinges

The sloping top in sanitary ware is a Conca invention! Perhaps it was not the first series ever to propose this stylistic feature, long before Ceramica Dolomite (60s and 70s) had presented and produced the Epoca series. But the diffusion to the general public is due to this toilet by Ideal Standard. The bathroom world had to wait for Conca with all its features to get inspired and try to emulate or at least imitate the inclined plane in the back of the toilet bowl. If you look carefully at the pictures you will see that the holes where the toilet seat is to be fixed are not on flat parts of the sanitary ware, but on the curve of the riser. That’s why the hinges (the metal parts) must have an inclination that allows them to be positioned correctly, at 45°. If you watch the videos in our channel on these toilet seats [ clik HERE ] you will see very well how the inclined hinge is made. Of course, all Conca toilet seats are available in all materials and colours: EU white, Ideal Standard white, champagne, vison, kashmir, beaver, walnut, whisper blue, backdrop blue, blueberry, whisper green, fern green, whisper grey, pomegranate, cactus, black, manchurian yellow, dune yellow, you can find them in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

The sloping bumpers of the CONCA toilet seat. Stability and durability of the Ideal Standard toilet seat

There are sanitary fixtures with a step in the upper surface and there are also those which, although having a smooth upper surface, have a slight inclination and the normal bumpers slide to the right or left, this is the case of Conca. In this case the rubber pads are not shaped but inclined in such a way as to give the greatest stability and strength to the toilet seat. We have just seen that this Ideal Standard sanitary ware has the characteristic rear inclined plane and its toilet seat therefore needs hinges inclined at 45°, but not only… its original toilet seat covers are fitted as standard, for maximum adherence and duration over time, with bumpers called inclined. You can find all these products that we call Top Quality products in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]

Ideal Standard white. The Conca toilet seat cover introduced this “colour” to the younger generation

Those who have needed to change their Conca toilet seat in recent years immediately noticed something strange after purchasing the toilet seat. Ideal Standard and its sales and marketing strategists “invented” a white of their own, a very special shade of white. Some call it ice white, some call it off-white, some call it white fading into grey, some call it by its name: Ideal Standard White. When the time comes to replace the toilet seat after a few years and going to look for it in some inexperienced dealer or in some do-it-yourself, you buy the toilet seat of the series of which we know the name, you happily go back home and you mount it on the toilet and ….. “but how come the toilet seat is white as milk and the toilet is grey? That’s right, as long as there is no chromatic contrast between the two whites, if we were asked what colour our toilet bowl was we would answer: White! Now we know that it is Ideal Standard White. Look at the image we have prepared and you will immediately see the difference. As you can well notice, the famous Ideal Standard White colour tends to grey (this detail is perceptible in contrast, if you put an element of “pure” white near it, you can notice it, otherwise you won’t notice it). As we were saying, the company offered two whites in its price list until the early 2000s: Ideal Standard White (tending to grey) and EU White (European) which is milk white (pure). Since we are talking about contrasting visual perception, in order to understand if the sanitary ware in your bathroom is one white and the other, a simple and quick method is to use a white printer’s sheet, bringing it close to the sanitary ware, you will immediately see if it is really normal white or Ideal Standard white. You may wonder if the Conca toilet seats in the Ideal Standard White colour are still available! Sure, you can find the Top Quality variant with all the features we have just seen at the following link [ clik HERE ]

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

All the official colours of the CONCA toilet seat by Ideal Standard

The Conca toilet bowl and toilet seat cover is one of the few Ideal Standard series that has been produced in all the colours of the company’s colour card: EU white, Ideal Standard white, whispering grey, whispering blue, backdrop blue, blueberry, whispering green, fern green, cactus green, champagne, vison, kashmir, beaver, walnut, pomegranate, whispering pink, black. Of course, in the Sintesibagno store you will find all the Conca toilet seat covers in all colours, in all materials (including the wraparound thermosetting ones) and in all price ranges… at the following link [ clik HERE ]

Today, however, we want to make an effort to help you choose the right colour so that you don’t make a mistake when buying your Conca toilet seat online. The toilet seat is a purchase you don’t make every day, the same bathroom furniture retailers are now used to sell only the white colour and, most importantly, the colour in digital images is influenced by the brightness calibration of the various monitors where the image is displayed. Try to take a picture of your toilet with your mobile phone, you look at it and it actually seems to be the same colour as the object (having the toilet and the image in front of you in the same place it would seem that the camera of the phone has captured the real colour), at this point you transfer the photo so that you can view it on another device (PC / computer or tablet), you will realise that the same photo will take completely different shades of the same colour. This is simply due to the fact that each monitor has a completely different backlight. It also happens simply by changing from one PC monitor to another or from one mobile phone to another. In order to help customers choose the right colour, we have put similar colours in a close-up picture. Let’s start with beiges and browns.

WC seat cover CONCA colour champagne, mink, kashmir

These three colours placed side by side allow the differences between them to be perceived. As you can see the champagne is the typical beige colour (if you want a reference to the physical world, think cream ice cream). Often mistaken for champagne, it is the mink, but as you can see from the comparative picture it is no longer a beige, but we are already in the light brown category; (still sticking to ice cream flavours as a help from the physical world think of hazelnut ice cream). Many customers looking at the sanitary ware and searching for the colour describe it as a light brown with very slight nuances of even pink depending on the light in the bathroom. Finally, the colour kashmir, here we are already in the brown colour, although not one of the brightest that Ideal Standard has produced (walnut, beaver… which we will see below), staying with the help of the ice cream flavours we will see it as coffee.

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

WC seat cover CONCA colour beaver, walnut

They are the most pronounced and bright browns. Kashmir, as mentioned above, is very reminiscent of ‘coffee ice cream’ if we look for it in the real world, while the colour beaver (incredible, but true) is reminiscent of powdered coffee. Last but not least, the walnut: is the typical brown colour we all know. Brilliant and bright.

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

WC seat cover CONCA whisper blue, backdrop blue, blueberry

Here we see the three gradations of blue/blue. Starting from whispered blue (the colours of the sugared almonds) to the blueberry Ideal Standard also called navy blue by other ceramic companies. it is a very dark blue. If you think of a colour in the real world, you should think of the classic blue of men’s jackets. Instead the backdrop blue is brighter and brighter, some call it navy blue. Try to watch the videos too, the moving toilet seat cover makes the colour more tangible. ([ clik HERE ] to the Sintesibagno video channel).

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

WC seat cover CONCA colour whisper green, fern green, cactus green.

Here we have the three greens proposed by Ideal Standard. The lightest called whisperd green, the hottest and best-selling fern green and the darkest which is the typical green also called military: cactus. We usually find that customers don’t make any mistakes with this colour because the differences between one and the other are actually very marked. At the following link [ clik HERE ] you will find all Conca toilet seats in the colour green.

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

WC seat cover CONCA white, Ideal Standard white, whisper grey

We have just talked about the famous Ideal Standard White colour.

Now we know what Ideal Standard White is. We mention it to make you pay attention to another colour. If your Conca toilet bowl is really grey and not just slightly shaded then it will most likely be the whisper grey colour.

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

The PERFECT toilet seat (rectangular and old model) of the IDEAL STANDARD CONCA series!

WC seat cover CONCA colour pomegranate and whisper pink

Many people call it red, many call it burgundy, but in any case it is very recognisable. If you have an Ideal Standard sanitary ware in your bathroom that tends towards red in some way, this is definitely it: pomegranate

The whispered pink it’s a bright pink, like the one on sugared almonds, you can find it at the link [ clik HERE ]. All the other Conca toilet seat colours we have just seen can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]

We should have said all we could about the Conca toilet and its toilet seat. As explained elsewhere, all toilets that resemble the Conca shape are not necessarily so. Some examples here and here so to avoid making a mistake when purchasing online, we recommend that you send us an email to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your toilet seat and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to proceed in the search for a toilet seat:


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