Strange/particular toilet seats: Ideal Standard Diagonal, Galassia SA02, Pozzi Ginori TI-UNO (T1)

We have seen that, in the long history of bathroom fittings, there have been many forms of sanitary ware. In the post: “The ten most popular oval shapes in sanitaryware ranges. Are all toilet seats the same? Do universal toilet seats fit? ” we have discovered the simplest and most popular shape: OVALE with the Sanitaryware PONTI Z, FANTASIA, LUCE, ERIKA and LEI. In the post: “Ideal Standard Linda Series is a primary form. A toilet seat cover formed by two parallel straight lines and two semicircles” we discovered the LINDA shape and the sanitary fittings with their toilet seats inspired by her: LINEA, TUSCIA, M2 50 and C52 Light. In the post: ”Bowls and bidets with an elongated oval shape. From the simple to the special shape. Finding the toilet seat” we have seen very large, elongated oval-shaped sanitary ware such as JOIN, ARIETE, BRENTA and SCULTURE. In the post: ”Sanitaryware as round as a circle. Here you need customised toilet seats!” we discovered the round as a circle shapes of sanitary ware such as: ARKE’, EL1, WIND, YOU&ME e STARCK 1. In the post: ”Sanitary rectangular shapes. Why do all toilet seat covers for this toilet look the same?” we have seen the rectangular and square shapes of sanitary ware such as: CONCA, VELARA, CLIO, EBLA, TERRA, SPACE STONE, VERSO, FROZEN and OUTLINE. What do all these sanitary fittings have in common? The shape is inspired by regular geometric figures. Seen from above, practically where the toilet seat goes, looking at them we see shapes we already know and can recognise. Today we are going to look at some sanitary fixtures and their toilet seats that will surprise us with their peculiar and strange shapes.

DIAGONAL series sanitaryware by Ideal Standard

DIAGONAL series sanitaryware by Ideal Standard

An incredible shape for one of the lux sanitary series by Ideal Standard: Diagonal. One of the few toilet seats that works with only one hinge instead of two. A large toilet seat, characterised at the back by a rise that protrudes forward towards the user and where the toilet seat is fixed thanks to its hinge designed with the presentation of the ceramic series. In the Sintebagno.shop store we have created a section dedicated to the Diagonal toilet seat where you will find not only the complete toilet seat, but also the single hinge and also its original bumpers. All at the following link [ Clik HERE ]

Sanitaryware SA02 Ceramica Galassia

Sanitaryware SA02 Ceramica Galassia

A sanitary of Ceramica Galassia which is a special shape in every respect: SA02. Winner of numerous industry awards and recognitions, from the Galassia website we take how the company itself describes it: “SA.02 is the collection that embodies the values and lifestyle of the company, certainly the most famous and the most imitated. Square, clean forms, the only quirk is the lower edge of the washbasins and sanitary ware, making it elegant and harmonious in line. Its marked character and the wealth of compositions in the accessories have earned it prestigious awards such as the DESIGN PLUS+ and selection for the COMPASSO D’ORO ADI”.

We talked about unique shapes in the post: “Unique (special) shapes and their toilet covers: MUSE, FIORILE, MEMORY.” Where we have seen series of sanitary ware that we consider unique shapes that are difficult to imitate, such as SA02. The shape of this sanitary ware is reminiscent of a rectangle, but no less than three sides are made of semicircles. It is available in a wall-hung version and two floor-standing variants, one of which is very unusual in that the floor-standing part is only at the back towards the wall, leaving the front of the sanitary fixture suspended. The toilet seat cover, clearly original, is a unique piece and is the same for the three variants. You can find it in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ Clik HERE ]

Sanitaryware T-UNO (T1) series Pozzi Ginori

Sanitaryware T-UNO (T1) series Pozzi Ginori

We saw well in the post: ”Pozzi Ginori sanitaryware old square models. Square, Italica and Italo duo which toilet seat cover is correct?” how this company has created successful rectangular shaped sanitary ware: SQUARE, ITALICA, ITALO DUO are the perfect example of this. With T-UNO (T1) Pozzi Ginori (you can say that for a change) surprised the market again. In the 1970s, it proposed a RECTANGULAR sanitary ware with a lowered upper central surface, which created two steps, one in front and one at the back, which was the only example in the history of bathroom furniture. We have seen that with only one back step more than one ceramic house has presented sanitary ware. In the post: ”Special sanitaryware and toilet seats: WCs with a back step (corner and sloping)” we have seen the Vavid Ceramicsùhe series MEDITERRANEA and ORIENTALE, Ceramiche Catalano series ZERO+ and ZERO 54, Axa series AXA ONE, by Cesame SYMBOL series and also by Pozzi Ginori the more recent TOWER series.

Returning to T-UNO, given its extremely unusual shape, its toilet seat cover is equally so. To be perfect it needs a unique detail. On the front towards the user it must have a notch (step)n that allows it to conform to its unique shape. Here you need the original toilet seat Because adaptable models just don’t fit, you can find it in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ Clik HERE ]

Today we have started to look at toilet bowls and their covers that have strange and unusual shapes. Perhaps you have recognised the manufacturer of your toilet and are able to buy the right and precise toilet seat without making a mistake. However, if you are still in doubt about which toilet seat cover to look for for your toilet in the bathroom, we suggest you send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


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