Series of bathroom fixtures with city/locality names! Erice Cesame, Petra Dolomite, Paestum Globo, Pienza Senesi

Second instalment on what the sanitaryware companies that manufacture WCs and bidets and their toilet seats have decided to call their products. Of all the possible choices, some decided in the field of geography using names of cities, regions, geographical areas… In the previous post: ”Sanitaryware named after cities and towns. Search by name in the Sintesibagno toilet cover catalogue (part 1)” we have already seen: PIEMONTE by Pozzi Ginori, EMILIA by Vavid and ROMA by Catalano.

ERICE series Cesame

Serie ERICE Cesame

A town in beautiful Sicily named Erice (Wikipedia) could not be more appropriate to name a series of sanitary ware produced by Cesame which was based right on the island. One of the historical rectangular shapes in the bathroom furnishing world. We talked about sanitary ware of this shape in the post: “Rectangular/square sanitary ware and replacement toilet seat covers”. Here, too, the Sicilian master ceramists have created a unique shape! At the sides, the toilet seat widens at a slight angle and then closes again immediately afterwards, giving it a very special geometric effect. All Erice toilet seat covers are always available at the following links: whitechampagnedeermink cesame (brown) and blue siam.

PETRA series Ceramica Dolomite

Serie PETRA ceramica Dolomite

The city famous as an archaeological site in the south-western desert of Jordan gives its name to this ceramic series of DolomitePetra (Wikipedia). Presented by the company together with such series as: DAHLIANOVELLAGARDA and CLODIA was, together with them, the star of the period that saw the company’s incredible success. Its modern D-shape is marked in the upper perimeter of the vase by the same workmanship as Erice: a diagonal at 45° outwards starts from the highest plane and closes at an angle downwards. The formal lightening that is achieved by this was much appreciated by the public, who rewarded it with numerous purchases. The Petra toilet seat cover for this Dolomite toilet bowl in the original version has not been available for a few years now, in the store we have selected some good and precise alternatives, you can find them at the following link [ clik HERE ]

PAESTUM series Ceramica Globo

Serie PAESTUM ceramica Globo

We return to Italy and more precisely to Campania for this series of Ceramica GloboPaestum (Wikipedia). The name of an archaeological park is perfect for naming a series of retro/classical style sanitary ware. We have talked about sanitary ware with an antique style in several posts: ”Replacement and replacement of CLASSIC/RETRO style toilet seats”. Here we have seen the shapes of toilet seats at 8 shape of ANTALIA Dolomite, the shape of the violin toilet seats of RETRO’ by Kerasan, the toilet seats with the double curve of ELLADE by Hidra. Or a rounded shape like the Pozzi Ginori series MONTEBIANCO: ”And then comes ‘Montebianco’ Classic/antique sanitary fittings and their toilet seats (part 2)” and the series inspired by it: ALBANO Vitruvit, LUTEZIA Senesi, PALLADIO Sbordoni and LONDRA Simas and also here: ”Modern sanitary ware, but with classic/antique shapes? How possible? Where can I find their toilet covers?” where we saw: CALLA Ideal Standard, CANOVA Royal Catalano, BELLA EPOQUE Cesame and FIDIA Flaminia. Paestum is reminiscent of the Montebianco style, which has recently been revisited stylistically and also offered with a wrap-around thermoset toilet seat cover, which you can find at the following link [ clik HERE ]

PIENZA series Ceramica Senesi

Serie PIENZA ceramica Senesi

A small village in Tuscany located in the hills of the Val d’Orcia gives its name to this series of Ceramica SenesiPienza (Wikipedia). A typically 80s series, its competitors of the period we have seen in the post: ”Sanitaryware from the 80s and 90s. Finding the toilet seat cover” and are: TESI by Ideal Standard (that somewhat resembles its shape), CLODIA by Dolomite, SINTESI Cesame, LUCE Catalano and FANTASIA Pozzi Ginori. In those years it was already an avant-garde rectangular shape and made a name for itself in the bathroom fittings market. All toilet seats for this sanitary fitting can be found in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


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