Replacement TOILET SEATS for SCALA WC: Iril, Tanga, Spazio, Gemma

Today’s trend-setting and marketable ceramic companies are others, many of which we have already seen in many previous posts: Ceramica FLAMINIA,Ceramica CATALANO, GLOBO Ceramiche, KERASAN, GALASSIA, GSI Ceramica, DURAVIT, AXA Ceramica, HATRIA Ceramiche, ALTHEA…. but the company we are talking about today,CERAMI CA SCALA of Pordenone, when it was sold to American Standard, which later became Ideal Standard, was the largest sanitaryware company in Europe, with four plants between Pordenone, Roccasecca (Fr) and Spain. And 1969! It was founded only 25 years earlier by Giulio Locatelli and in a very short time became known for the very high quality of its ceramics, so much so that it immediately attracted the interest of the multinational American Standard, which rightly acquired it. Ideal Standard in the following years kept the brand active and entrusted it with the simplest sanitaryware lines from a formal point of view, but still very robust, with a truly fantastic quality/price ratio. Many customers have had Scala branded WCs and bidets in their bathrooms for dozens and dozens of years and know the durability of these products. Things truly from another era. As we said, formal beauty may never have been the company’s commercial strength, but its forms in simplicity were made for convenience of use and simplicity. These were still the days when sanitary ware was considered only as a hygienic element (almost to be hidden) and not as a furnishing element that participated in the very value of the bathroom.

Replacement TOILET SEATS for SCALA WC: Iril, Tanga, Spazio, Gemma

IRIL series by Scala Ceramica

The shape of this sanitary ware has inspired dozens of series from ceramic manufacturers competing with Scala. We have seen some of them in the post: “Narrow WCs and bidets. Measurements less than 35 cm in width. What are the toilet seat covers for these sanitary fixtures?”, where we saw sanitary ware that really resembled Iril, ELLISSE and ONDINE by Ideal Standard, PERLA by Dolomite.

Like all such pots, its width is only 35 cm (a good 2 cm less than the standard oval, which makes 37 cm). Therefore a narrow WC that can easily be placed in any bathroom environment. The very low price range (Ideal Standard acquired the company Scala and kept the brand name active in order to have two product lines and different price ranges) allowed for a diffusion worthy of a market superstar. You can find the IRIL toilet seats in the store, including the champagne colour variant, at the following link [ clik HERE ]

Replacement TOILET SEATS for SCALA WC: Iril, Tanga, Spazio, Gemma

TANGA series by Scala Ceramica

It was one of the first teardrop-shaped sanitary vessels introduced to the sanitary market. We talked about these particular vessels in the post: ”Teardrop-shaped sanitaryware and toilet seat covers. Narrow at the back and wide at the front (part 2)” and in the previous one: ”Toilet seats and sanitary ware with teardrop shapes (and their measurements) – part 1”, where we saw all the ceramic series that were inspired by TangaLIUTO seres by Ideal Standard, ARETUSINA series by Cesame, CLIO by Eos Ceramiche, AFFETTO and GRACE by Ceramica Globo. All Tanga toilet seats in the colours CHAMPAGNE, VISON, LIGHT BLUE, PINK and WHITE are available in the storeat the following link [ clik HERE ]

Replacement TOILET SEATS for SCALA WC: Iril, Tanga, Spazio, Gemma

SPAZIO series by Scala Ceramica

This iconic bathroom series is the only exception to the company’s usual simplicity. It is a sanitary fixture from the 1960s and 1970s that was surprising for its incredible design at the time. In later years it was complemented by a toilet cover (manufactured by Friges) with a half-moon at the back that hid the hinges and fitted into the design of the back of the toilet with a very unusual aesthetic effect. The toilet and its lid can be considered large shapes. The toilet seat measures almost 50 cm from the attachment to the end of the toilet bowl. The 3-piece toilet seat with the half-moon is unfortunately no longer available, however we have selected a version (you can see the hinges at the back) that is perfect in length and curves which you will find at the following link [ clik HERE ]

Replacement TOILET SEATS for SCALA WC: Iril, Tanga, Spazio, Gemma

GEMMA series by Scala Ceramica

We remain in the Scala ceramic catalogue. With this series the company attempted and partly succeeded in replicating the sales success of Iril. Gemma was a mass market product, ideal in residential and social housing and also perfect for second bathrooms. A typical product for economic and other specifications. Its small dimensions made it also suitable for small bathrooms and bathrooms in public establishments. Also in this sanitary fitting, the shape is typically teardrop-shaped. It was produced in a floor-standing version and also in a wall-hung version. Two types of toilet covers have always been available for this toilet, the white coated wooden version (more robust and enhancing the toilet) and a thermoplastic variant (ideal for public premises). You will find both at the following link [ clik HERE ]

We have begun to see some of SCALA’s ceramic production and their toilet seats. However, if you are still in doubt about which toilet seat cover to look for for your toilet in the bathroom, we suggest you send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


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