Today we are talking about the historical manufacturers in the toilet cover world. Companies that have produced for large-scale plumbing distribution, but also for ceramic manufacturers. Most of them have made toilet seats that have remained, thanks to their construction qualities, in the memories both of those in the bathroom furnishing world and of the many customers who have had them in their bathrooms. Each of them has produced at least one product or a certain workmanship that has remained pearls in the history of Made in Italy craftsmanship/industrial skill.

FRIGES Toilet Seats

From their (currently still online http://www.friges.it/azienda/) let’s take a look at their history: “In a deeply compromised national and international scenery, from which within a few months the horror of the Second World War would ensue, a small Piedmontese artisan company took its first steps on a long and glorious journey. Thanks to the extraordinary entrepreneurial skills of its founder, Comm. Albino Musso, Friges carved out an important space for itself in the market for domestic iceboxes, soon becoming the reference manufacturer in the product category. However, the competition brought in the early post-war years by the large international industrial groups, together with the emergence of new refrigeration technologies, made it necessary to shift the core business: Friges, with the pioneering spirit that has always characterised its history, started up a production line of plastic furnishing accessories and made a name for itself on the domestic market thanks above all to the introduction of the polyester resin toilet seat. A bet that guarantees Friges, the first company in the world to invest in this type of processing, an unchallenged market leadership position“. This type of product (wooden toilet seats coated with a polyester resin, known as casting) is still highly appreciated today for its consistency, durability and aesthetic appeal. FRIGES in the ’80s and ’90s established itself as one of the market leaders. It produced a number of toilet seat covers that became the reference for ceramic companies and especially for toilet seat manufacturers competing with the Piedmontese company. Let’s take a look at some examples. Certainly one product that represented the company well and was among the reasons for its success was how they made the toilet seat cover CONCA (which is what Sintesibagno has in the store listed as category: AS THE ORIGINAL).

So perfect that the parent company Ideal Standard itself took it as a reference for the production of the original product. It had all the aesthetic, but above all technical characteristics that a toilet seat must have in order to be perfect in combination with the ceramic WC. We have seen well how the toilet seat must be made to be correct for the toilet bowl: ”The CONCA toilet seat. Discover which product is perfect for the Ideal Standard toilet (the ultimate version)”, a series of features that allow for assembly, stability, durability and optimum aesthetics. One production that was made for the parent company, in this case SCALA, was for the series SPAZIO.

The Space Vase we saw in the post: ”Ceramica Scala. Sanitaryware with basic but unique shapes and top quality ceramics. Toilet seat for its shapes.” and talked about it this way: “This iconic series in the bathroom world is the only exception to the company’s usual simplicity. It is a sanitary fixture from the 1960s and 1970s that for its time surprised with its incredible design. It was complemented in later years by a toilet seat cover (produced by Friges) with a rear half-moon that hid the hinges and fitted into the design of the back of the toilet with a very unusual aesthetic effect. The toilet and its cover can be considered large shapes. Its toilet seat measures almost 50 cm from the connections to the end of the toilet bowl. This 3-piece toilet seat with the half-moon is unfortunately no longer available, we have however selected a version (you will see the rear hinges) that is perfect in length and curves which you will find at the following link [ Clic HERE ]

CARRARA & MATTA Toilet Seats

Founded in Turin in 1940, Carrara & Matta is named after its two founders: Edgardo Carrara and Giovanni Matta. Thanks to their passion for developing fashionable bathroom products, Carrara & Matta has continuously pioneered designs and innovations that have created a solid basis for success. Some of those toilet seat models – inspired by Edgardo Carrara – are still on the market today, testifying to the longevity and timeless quality of Italian design.

Among his innovations, in addition to the high quality coated wooden seats with a very special hinge and fixing arms (you can see it in the photo to the side, the plate where the screws are inserted is horizontal, guaranteeing its strength and durability), there is certainly the introduction on the bathroom furniture market of toilet seats in a material that was, for that time, innovative: DUROLUX. These were the first thermoset toilet seats.
The company described it as follows:

  • burn and flame resistant (certified according to FAR 25.853 and ABD0031.
  • brilliant and durable scratch-resistant surface / easy to clean / colour stability over time.

ACB Chiecca Toilet Seats

This toilet seat cover company was founded in the ’60s in Calcinate (province of Bergamo). It asserts itself for an innovative type of processing of the wooden core of the toilet seat cover. It became an official partner/supplier of several ceramic companies. The quality in the workmanship of the toilet seat cover is a distinctive element of its production, which we can also testify to, having worked with it for years, but its well-known hinge with tube (called American style) was also a valuable element and added value to its products.

We started to get to know some of the historical companies in the production of toilet seats. Most of the products we talked about are no longer manufactured (either due to the disappearance/closure of the companies or due to their production choices). However, we in the Sintesibagno team, knowing the needs of our customers, are able to find you the toilet seat cover most similar to the one you have at home, produced and branded by these companies: FRIGESCarrara&MattaACB, …. Maybe you have a toilet seat cover on your toilet with one of the brands we have just mentioned, but you do not know the name of the ceramic series to which it was dedicated? If you are in doubt about which toilet seat cover to look for for your toilet in the bathroom, we suggest you send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


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