“Made-to-measure” WC COVERS for VITRUVIT WCs with unique/particular shapes: OLD TIME, WIND, ALBANO, ALBA, MOBY, YOUNG

Vitruvit is a company in the Civita Castellana district among the first to be founded. From their website VITRUVIT let’s see how he tells it: “Since 1956 we have been dedicated to transforming earth, water and fire to create unique and original ceramic bathroom elements. Craftsmanship, attention to detail, spasmodic research of the material, to distance ourselves from mass-produced products. We create objects dedicated to those who do not like to follow patterns and fashions, but who seek a “tailor-made” world that resembles them, that tells and gives a sense of their own identity, unique and unrepeatable. In this catalogue we present just a few of the infinite possibilities for customising our products. Choose the model, the shape, the combinations and the finish that most resembles you, become the author of your habitat! The technology of our production process preserves the care and attention to the product typical of traditional ceramic manufacturing methods, while maintaining a purely artisan approach that is nevertheless careful to combine with highly technological processes. A production process that pays attention to detail, aimed at satisfying different needs and tastes, offering a wide range of shapes, colours and finishes that guarantee infinite customisation possibilities.” In these 70 years of ceramic history, they have produced very special series of sanitary ware and their toilet seats, many unique and unmistakable.


OLD TIME series by Vitruvit

Very particular series with a classic style. We have seen its competitors in the post: ”Spare parts and replacement of CLASSICO/RETRO style toilet seats” and are: ANTALIA by Dolomite, ELLADE by Hidra, RETRO’ by Kerasan and MAGICA by Faleri. Particular in the body of the toilet in the lower part the workmanship almost like a Greek column and in the upper part the change of proportions of the two rings that make up the seat. Its particular toilet seat (with 20 cm centre distance) can be found in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


WIND series by Vitruvit

One of the bathroom sector’s most successful provocations. A perfect cylinder (slightly inclined to allow the best use) becomes a sanitary fixture with a strong design flavour. Received with great interest by the public who rewarded it with numerous purchases. Round WCs like WIND we have seen in the posts: ”Round sanitary ware like a circle. Here you need customised toilet seats!” and “Round sanitaryware as a circle + flat element (part 2)” where among others we saw: ARKE’ and EL1 by Galassia, YOU&ME by Hatria and FLOW round by Simas. The toilet seat cover can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


ALBANO series by Vitruvit

We have seen types of sanitary ware like this in the post: ”And then comes ‘Montebianco’ Classic/antique sanitary fittings and their toilet seats (part 2)” where we saw what the MONTEBIANCO genre is. Let us quote a passage from the post: “In all product sectors there is always a company that opens up new avenues and its competitors, seeing that these bring success, follow it. Even in bathroom furnishings it has often happened. There have been legendary companies that have created styles and trends that are difficult to imitate, this is the case of Ideal Standard with its Conca toilet and Pozzi Ginori (Richard Ginori) and the MONTEBIANCO sanitary ware.” Albano, although unmistakable, is reminiscent of Pozzi Ginori’s sanitary ware. The toilet seat cover can be found in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


ALBA series by Vitruvit

A sanitary fitting with a classic D-shape. Simple and modern shape. What makes this sanitary fitting special is the fixing centre distance of its cover. In fact, the size is 19/21. We have seen in the post: ”What is the wheelbase in toilet seats?” that a standard centre distance for toilet seats is considered to be between 14 and 16 cm. So the typical universal toilet seat cover that is designed to cover those measurements (it usually has eccentric and adjustable hinges and the size can also be 12 and 18 cm) does not fit this Vitruvit toilet seat. You need a dedicated toilet seat cover in the shape and arrangement of the hinges, you can find it in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


MOBY series by Vitruvit

This is where the company seeks distinctiveness. Seen from above, it is by far the vase that most resembles the triangular shape. Seen from the side it is marked by a peculiar change of depth that makes it even more minimal. We have dedicated more than one post to the strange shapes of sanitary ware and their covers: ”Odd-shaped toilet seats with special sizes” where we have seen sanitary fixtures that have uncommon or classic shapes that fall into a well-defined category: oval, elliptical, square, rectangular! Here we have seen: Romantica by Catalano, Torena by Pozzi Ginori, Conchiglia by Pozzi Ginori, Pantheon and Versailles by Astra, Riace by Eos Ceramiche, Zagara by Dolomite, Carena by Cidneo, Ansa by Ideal Standard, Cadore by Gsi Facis, Syntesis/Sinthesis by Simas and the post: “Odd and unusual shapes and their toilet covers (part 2)” where we saw: Palace and Ginevra by GSI Facis and Smile by Axa Ceramiche. The Moby toilet seat can be found at the following link [ clik HERE ]


YOUNG series by Vitruvit

One of Vitruvit’s most recent series. Young is in line with the modern market trends we saw in the post: ”Floor-standing sanitary ware caressed (flush with the wall). Wrap-around and mordant shapes. Top-mounted toilet seats are required.(expa)”. What is special about this Vitruvit series is the fact that it tends to narrow slightly towards the wall and the slight relief that wraps around the entire front and upper part of the sanitary ware body. Its toilet seat cover like the original can be found in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]

Today we have discovered the ceramic series of another company from the ceramic district of Civita Castellana: Vitruvit. Perhaps you have recognised your toilet bowl and are able to purchase the right and precise toilet seat cover without making a mistake. However, if you are still in doubt about which toilet seat cover to look for for your wc in the bathroom, we suggest you send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your sanitary fitting and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to go about finding a toilet seat cover:


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