GALASSIA toilet seats OVAL AND ROUND PRIMARY SHAPES: Arkè, EL1, M2, SA02, Aster, Ethos

Let’s start with who Ceramica Galassia is: founded almost forty years ago, it is one of the main representatives of the ceramic district in the province of Viterbo. From their website: https://www.ceramicagalassia.it/corporate.html we find the company mission brought to date thanks to the skill of the founders “Creativity and innovation are the two concepts that best express Ceramica Galassia’s ability to stand out on the national and international scene as a reference model for the sanitary ceramics industry. In confirmation of this entrepreneurial vision, Galassia presents a wide range of products and collections guaranteeing the very high level of quality and maturity achieved by the company in its 39 years of activity. Today, the company is confirmed as an entrepreneurial reality in constant growth, not only in terms of turnover, but also in terms of size, technique, innovation and know-how”. In the course of this long company history, it has created series that have often given birth to new and very particular forms, except for a few cases that we will see where they have reinterpreted the trends of the moment according to their own style. We, at Sintesibagno, consider it the absolute “queen” of round shapes, more than one of their series of sanitaryware (and their toilet seats) are clearly inspired by the shape of the circle. We have dedicated posts to this type of sanitaryware and their toilet seats: ”Sanitaryware as round as a circle. Here you need customised toilet seats!” where we also saw the competition series: WIND by Vitruvit, You&Me by Hatria and STARCK 1 by Duravit. “Sanitaryware round as a circle+flat element(part 2)” where we have seen: FLOW TONDA by Ceramica Simas, ZELIG by Dolomite and BOWL 50 by Ceramica Globo.

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ARKE’ series by Galassia

We have always thought that this vase is worthy of the top-ten list of the 10 best shapes designed by ceramic manufacturers. We certainly consider it the icon of round shapes, it is a symbol as LINDA by Ideal Standard is in oval shapes (here is a post on the shape LINDA). It was called Arkè by Galassia and was a best seller in this category. A circle (40 cm wide) that decreases to a cone and squared elements to complete the body of the toilet seat make it a design object. Its original toilet seat is still available at the following link [ clik HERE ]


EL1 series by Galassia

It is the new successor to Arkè. The ceramic manufacturer proposed it a few years ago. Following the trend of sanitary ware shapes in this period, starting from the circle (39 cm wide) at the top, it has made the body of the sanitary ware softer and with fewer edges. It is certainly a more contemporary and distinctive shape, but in our opinion it has lost some of its uniqueness. Its original toilet seat is still available in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


M2 series by Galassia

Here we see how the company interprets the oval shape and how this series has interpreted the trend of ceramic manufacturers to make more depths for the same vase model, in this case: 55, 50, and 45. In the post: ”WCs in the same series, but toilet seats different in length and shape. Is this possible?” we have explored this topic in depth. Series M2 is one of the latest series of sanitary ware introduced to the bathroom market. Same series, three different depths: 55, 50 and 45. In our opinion, it is one of the most successful series from a proportional point of view. The company website (https://www.ceramicagalassia.it/catalogo/) describes it: “Minimal design, balance of shapes and wide range are the main characteristics of this collection, versatile answer to the needs of living and well adaptable to both large and very small environments“. In the Sintesibagno store a section of toilet seats has been created where you will find all three models with measurements so as not to make mistakes when buying at the following link [ clik HERE ] and [ clik HERE ]


SA02 series by Galassia

With this series, Galassia enters the legend of primary and unique shapes. Sanitary ware in shapes that have never been seen before and which are extremely special and never imitated. If you’re looking for design, you can breathe it in at the top of your lungs! Winner of numerous prizes and industry awards, from the website Galassia let’s take a look at how the company describes it: “SA.02 is the collection that embodies the company’s values and lifestyle, certainly the most famous and most imitated. Clean, square forms, the only quirk is the lower edge of the washbasins and sanitary ware, making it elegant and harmonious in line. Its marked character and the wealth of compositions in the accessories have earned it prestigious awards such as DESIGN PLUS+ and selection for the ADI COMPASSO D’ORO”. We have talked about the unique shapes in the post: “The unique shapes of sanitaryware and their toilet seats: Muse, Fiorile, Memory.” Where we have seen series of sanitary ware that we consider unique and difficult to imitate shapes such as SA02. The shape of this sanitary ware is reminiscent of a rectangle, but three sides are made of semicircles. It is available in a suspended version and two floor-standing versions, one of which is very unusual in that the floor-standing part is only at the back towards the wall, leaving the front of the sanitaryware suspended. The toilet seat, clearly original, is a unique piece and is the same for the three variants. You can find it in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


ASTER series by Galassia

Certainly after having seen the previous series in this post, Aster this one appears “normal” from a formal point of view. It is not, however, so in terms of size. Following the trend of the moment (the 90s) that all ceramic companies have followed (see post: ”BIG sanitaryware, large-size WCs and bidets with modern lines and their covers (part 2)” and “BIG sanitaryware, large-size WCs and bidets with modern lines and their covers (part 1)” such as its competitors: ONDA by Hidra, FIDIA by Flaminia, OMEGA by Gsi / Facis, SCULTURE by Hatria, AMICA by Nero Ceramiche and DIAGONAL by Ideal Standard, also Galassia, with Aster, followed the demand of the sanitary ware market that asked for important (big) shapes to fill the formal and dimensional void in the bathroom that in those years started to increase. Some ceramics manufacturers realised that there was a market demand for “large” sanitary ware (56/57/58/59/60 cm). In fact, in certain large bathrooms, standard-sized WCs and bidets appeared a little too small. It was necessary to fill the space with material to enhance the whole. All these large ceramic series all need toilet seat covers that are a good 49/50/51/52 cm long, like Aster. The toilet seat for this sanitary ware can be found at the following link [ clik HERE ]


ETHOS series by Galassia

This is Galassia’s retro/classic series. Ethos’ competing antique sanitary ware we have seen in the POSTs:  “And then comes “Montebianco” Classic/antique sanitaryware and their toilet seats (part 2)” and “Classic retro English-style sanitary ware and their toilet seats (part 1)”. Where we saw: ANTALIA by Dolomite, ELLADE by Hidra Ceramica, RETRO’ by Kerasan, ARCADE Old England by Ceramica Simas, MAGICA by Faleri, MONTEBIANCO by Pozzi Ginori, LUTEZIA by Ceramica Senesi, PALLADIO by Sbordoni. The Ethos toilet bowl strictly follows the style and personalises it with its design marked by two ceramic profiles that frame the upper and lower parts of the body of the sanitary ware. You can find its toilet seat in the Sintesibagno store at the following link [ clik HERE ]

At this point we can say that we have seen some of the enormous production of Galassia ceramics during these forty years of success and their toilet seats. If you still have doubts about which toilet seat to look for in your bathroom we suggest you to send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your toilet seat and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to proceed in the search for a toilet seat:


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