With this post we finish to see the old models of Dolomite sanitaryware and their toilet covers. In the previous posts we have already seen: CLODIA (“Sanitary ware from the 80s and 90s. How to find the toilet seat”), LAGO (“Large sanitary ware (old models) and their unobtainable toilet seats”), RIO e FLEO (“The old Dolomite ceramic series”), EBLA (“Sanitary ware rectangular shapes. Why do all toilet seats for this toilet look the same?”), QT70 (“Older sanitary ware models that are no longer in production. Where can I find the toilet seat?”), PERLA e SWEET LIFE (”Narrow WCs and bidets. Mesures less than 35 cm in width. What are the toilet seats for these sanitary ware?“), ZELIG (”Sanitary ware round as a circle+flat element”), ANTALIA (”Sanitary ware Retro-Classic-English Style and their toilet seats”), EPOCA (”Sanitay ware with a raised surface. WC seats with 45° fixing hinges (part 1)“. CHARLOTTE, ALPINA, ZAGARA (“Dolomite sanitary ware old models. Let’s find the toilet seat! (part 2)”). Today we will see to complete the Dolomite catalogue: PIANO DESIGN, NOVELLA and NOVELLA MINI, DAHLIA and GARDA.


DAHLIA series by Ceramica Dolomite

In our opinion, it was the shape of this sanitary ware that inspired the designers of the ceramic company to develop the successful Sweet Life series. It is very reminiscent of it, although the formal finishes are not as full and precise as in its more famous cousin. Especially in the wall-hung version (but at the time it was presented, this was the design norm) the wall anchorage plugs were very much in evidence. The toilet seat cover for this series can be found in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


NOVELLA & NOVELLA MINI series by Ceramica Dolomite

Initially presented as a cheaper version of Dahlia, it was an unexpected success with the public. It had all the features that so many sanitary ware products would have in the future. Clean, soft and elegant geometric shapes. Small dimensions for the “biggest” series: NOVELLA, very small dimensions for NOVELLA MINI, which became the series suitable for the exploitation of small and hardly usable spaces. The Novella series was presented both in the floor-standing and wall-hung versions, while Novella mini was presented only in the floor-standing version. The toilet seats for the two versions are the same and are available in different materials at the following link [ clik HERE ]. You will also find the new SLIM versions with soft-close hinges.


PIANO DESIGN series by Ceramica Dolomite

We quote from the Dolomite 2006 catalogue: “Two years of intense, close collaboration: on one side Piano Design Workshop and on the other Ceramica Dolomite. Their common objective was to create a bathroom line that goes beyond the tastes of the moment to keep man always at the centre of the universe. The result is Piano Design, the new series that combines innovation and tradition” …well, maybe a little too much flattery in the story, but you can’t say it wasn’t innovative and unique! You can find the toilet seat cover for this truly designer sanitary fixture in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]


GARDA series by Ceramica Dolomite

It is perhaps the best-selling suspended series on the Italian market. The only real competitor of ALA by Ideal Standard, which we have talked about in the post: “Wall-hung sanitary ware and their toilet seats (part 1)”. Slightly smaller than its competitor and also cheaper than its price list, it was certainly one of the protagonists of the success that wall-hung sanitaryware had and has today. You can find the WC seats in all available materials in the store at the following link [ clik HERE ]

At this point we can say that we have seen all the old discontinued sanitary ware models of Dolomite ceramics and their toilet seats. If you still have doubts about which toilet seat to look for in your bathroom we suggest you to send us an e-mail to info@sintesibagno.it or a WhatsApp message to 3341288978 with two pictures of your toilet seat and a few measurements and we will be able to help you choose. Here is the video on how to proceed in the search for a toilet seat:


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